Own Subsidiaries

We are a portal where we help you get a job, we present you the best offers in the labor market, we support your talent.
logo domotic smart
We are a company dedicated to give security and comfort through the home automation system and Internet connection to all things, we offer automation solutions for homes, buildings, businesses, telemetry, among others. We offer an excellent quality service to our customers.
logo neurocom

We are an advertising agency specialized in offering services related to the design and web development of companies and brands. We have about 10 years offering high quality services for the competitive business market.

logo neucar
We are a company dedicated to the leasing of new and modern vehicles of various automotive brands. We are characterized by providing a quality service and comfort for our customers.
logo satelint

Company dedicated to providing vehicle security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We use advanced technology that allows us to become allies of our customers, providing greater security.

logo new contact center
We are a company that provides contact center services and customized solutions for your business. Managing values and quality in order to maximize the potential of your company
logo peruvian spices

We are a company that offers products for your kitchen, for example, seasonings, spices and condiments to prepare different foods. We promise to offer you all the secrets and ingredients of traditional cuisine.

logo mi factura electrónica
We are a company with a wide capacity to handle electronic documents in a systematic, integral, secure and simple way. Complying with all established regulations.
logo batán
In Batán we offer the best seasonings in powder traditional condiments that cannot be missing in your kitchen.
logo gps track service
We are a company that offers you the service of monitoring and tracking vehicles or any means of transportation to do it using a high-quality GPS.
logo one to work
At one to work we focus on recruiting highly trained and qualified personnel for the benefit of our clients. Making use of the innovation and potential that our brand identifies
logo web design from
We provide Digital Marketing services, creating strategies that help the development of your business, increasing your competitiveness in the market.
At SMARTY SIGN we take care of the development of electronic signatures, we provide this service to facilitate the functions of those who use it.

Creating Companies in the USA, is part of Neugroup Solutions, based in the city of Miami, Florida. We have a professional team of consultants, lawyers, accountants, translators and interpreters. They are experts in legal procedures for obtaining visas, documentation, and opening new businesses